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Products & Services

Callaham Insurance Solutions offers services for individuals and groups to meet your needs. We specialize in small groups (2-50 individuals), but have experience with larger groups as well. Please contact us to inquire about groups over 50 employees.
Small Group Insurance

Owning your own small business is exciting and demanding. You need an experienced and knowledgeable health agent to help you offer benefits to your employees. Health insurance can be complicated, and recent reforms have made it even more difficult. Callaham Insurance Solutions will keep you informed of relevant changes in the insurance industry and has the best interests of your business and your employees in mind. We promise to find you the best combination of plans at the most affordable prices.

Individual Insurance

According to the Affordable Care Act, individuals are now required to carry credible health insurance coverage or face penalties. This is the case even if your employer does not offer you coverage. As penalties will increase over the coming years, it is critical that you are insured in a way that is credible, affordable, and thorough. We want to help you with that! Open enrollment for individual health insurance begins  November 15th, 2014. However, if you experienced a loss of coverage, you may be granted a special enrollment period. Don’t miss out on that window!


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